OEA Oxford is accredited by two organisations: ASIC (an independent quality assurance body specialising in the institutional accreditation of education providers worldwide) and QISAN (an accreditation organisation that provides information about schools, educational institutions to students around the world).

OEA Oxford has been recognized as a reliable English language school for students from 59 countries in the world.


OEA Vietnam, managed by BrainClick Vietnam, a member of OEA’s international network of English schools worldwide, strictly follows academic procedures and quality standards regulated by OEA Oxford.

OEA Vietnam is the Authorised Regional Representative of OEA Oxford, U.K to develop and manage a system of member schools in Vietnam.

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Our Vision:

“We provide educational services of international standard, highest quality and sustainable values”

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Our motto is:

We don’t just teach. We foster learning!

OEA Vietnam’s English programs are developed in alignment with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


OEA Vietnam is the Authorised Exam Centre (Centre No. VN274) of Cambridge Assessment English, University of Cambridge.

  • YLE: PreA1 Starters, A1 Movers, A2 Flyers;
  • A2 Key (KET), B1 Preliminary (PET), B2 First (B2), C1 Advanced (CAE);
  • TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test).

OEA Vietnam has continuously won contribution awards granted by Cambridge Assessment English, University of Cambridge:

  • Outstanding Contribution in SEA & Pacific Region in 2013 – on the 100th anniversary of Cambridge Assessment English, University of Cambridge;
  • High Performance Growth FY16-17 in SEA and Pacific Region in 2017;
  • Centre of the Year in SEA and Pacific Region in the two consecutive years 2018 & 2019.

Our achievements are associated with positive impacts to learners & the community of English teaching & learning, such as:

  • cooperating with VTV2 in developing TV series which prepare students for university entrance exams and English teaching programs on television;
  • participating in answering English questions in university entrance exams (live on VTV2);
  • organising training workshops on CEFR in Northern provinces and cities;
  • cooperating with Cambridge Assessment English (University of Cambridge) & Hanoi Department of Education and Training to organise seminars for English teachers of schools in Hanoi;
  • sponsoring & coordinating with the Department of Education and Training of Ba Dinh district to organise the annual Olympic English Contest for Ba Dinh District’s secondary schools

OEA Vietnam develops a TV program for English teachers on “Applying CEFR for English Learning, Teaching and Assessment” (supporting the National Foreign Language Project, MOET).

OEA Vietnam was honoured to be trusted and authorised by the US Embassy in Hanoi to implement the Access English Micro Scholarship Program funded by the US Department of State and the US Embassy for economically, socially or ethnically disadvantaged students with excellent academic achievements in 03 provinces: Hai Duong (2011-2012), Hung Yen (2013-2014) and Bac Ninh (2014-2015).


OEA Vietnam and our partner schools all share a “learner-centric” approach to education and through this approach we find our success, bringing positive results to thousands of participating students.

Over 7,500 students attend our English enhancement programs with foreign teachers every year – an educational cooperation project between OEA Vietnam & our partner schools in Hanoi: Lomonosov Educational System (Primary and Secondary Schools), Dich Vong Hau Secondary School; Thang Long Secondary School, Thanh Cong Thang Long Secondary School, Nguyen Tri Phuong Secondary School and Ta Quang Buu Secondary and High School.

OEA Vietnam has collaborated and successfully organised many courses specifically designed for senior officials, middle managers and staff of domestic and international organisations and enterprises, namely:
• LG Electronics (managers and factory-based employees)
• CFC (Cement Finance Corporation)
• Kloon Limited (Switzerland-based Software Company)
• Ministry of Science and Technology
• The U.S Department of State/The U.S Embassy Hanoi Vietnam
• Canadian Embassy
• The Australia Awards Vietnam (AAV)
• Hitachi/ALC Education (Tokyo)
• VietCad
• Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VP Bank)
• Military Bank (MB)
• SATO company (Japan)
• Automic
• Laser Media…


Our English courses are delivered by highly qualified, experienced, dedicated and professional foreign teachers (combined with bilingual teachers who were graduated from Western universities upon needs analysis). We are pleased to provide the teacher CV before the course opening date.